Looking for your friendly local I.T professional for the Cardigan area?

Aquerius I.T systems is run by myself, Seth Judd, for those in need of I.T services in
Pembrokeshire, Ceredigion and Carmarthenshire. I can quickly and efficiently provide a
wide range of computer services such as:

  • Computer repairs, computer upgrades and maintenance
  • Operating system installations and software upgrades
  • Data backup solutions and data recovery
  • Anti-virus installations and removal of viruses
  • Computer training on web browsing software and MS-Office
  • Media editing, website editing and SEO

I've been working in the field of I.T support services for over 15 years and the professional
service I give with a calm, patient, friendly manner has given me only the best customer
feedback this whole time. So if you would like to get some local help for your I.T difficulties,
click on the relevant tab label in the menu above and I'll provide a free quote on the work.